All told- I have over 10 years of intensive theatre and on camera training under my belt.  After a year of Method technique in the Bay Area- I moved to Los Angeles where I studied for 5 years with the late Al Mancini- a brilliant Italian and one of the original “Dirty Dozen.”  He always taught me to use the full depth of my artistic abilities and push my exploration of creation, expression and the human experience.  After seeing me hunched over on stage during a critique one evening- Al encouraged me to enroll in dance class.  This became a 5 year intensive study in itself and a passion that has never really stopped.  My training continued for years after- from weekly scene study class, to on camera and commercial intensives.  I enjoyed many wonderful teachers such as Richard Lawson, Mark McMpherson at Studio 24/7 and Gary Imhoff (who is responsible for getting me involved in years of vocal training and singing lessons) – finally landing at The Acting Center where I was able to develop the valuable skill of diving into characters and scripts fully and instantaneously- without needing days or weeks of preparation.

Over the years I have been able to play a wide range of Characters in various projects- and my favorite roles are those that move me-  whether it is because they are hilarious or because they are meaningful.

My goal as an actress and performer is to communicate the passion, art,  humor and intensity that is the human experience.  Al taught me all about bold choices- he used to say, “No matter how wild of a a character choice you make-  there is always going to be someone in real life who is wilder.” I have experienced life to be simple, I have experienced life to be wild, I have experienced life to be “laugh till you can’t breath” hilarious and “cry till you can’t speak” painful all in the same day- and my goal is to express it all.

I now reside in Nashville, TN where I create art through acting, performing, designing and  utilizing my unique imagination to create art of all kinds. Having the chance to be on every possible side of the production process- has given me even more fuel for my artistic journey as an actress.  I’m here to communicate boldly, tell great stories and to have a blast.

4 Replies to “About”

  1. Im sorry to bother you but I saw your Twitter Account on Scientology Stand League. I was curious what drew you to Scientology? Your photos are Gorgeous!
    Thank you!


    1. Thank you so much! I have studied Scientology for over 15 years and it has always given me simple and powerful solutions to life problems. It has helped me become more aware of myself and the world around me and given me a wonderful ability to help others effectively. Scientology.org has tons of great info!


  2. Really not in the habit of creeper behavior…. ha…and the absurdity of that statement makes me laugh out loud… like a creeper would lead with…”hey there, allow me to share a few of my most proud creeper moments”…. lol

    Anyway, just saw your groove ring ad on a YouTube video. I typically click through those as quickly as possible however the humorous script, your excellent portrayal and stunning beauty firmly held my attention.

    Did a simple search to see if you were in anything else and one click later, found myself here… simultaneously claiming not to be a creeper and most assuredly appearing a creeper all at the same time… lol…


    1. Thank you! I don’t think you seem like a creeper! Glad you like the ad! I had so much fun with that one! This webpage is kind of old- so check out ElisabethDonaldsonCreative.com or check out my Instagram @elisabeth.donaldson to see what I’ve been up to 🙂


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