Why Breaking the Chains of Toxic People is a Vital Part of Your Creative Success

I see so many of my friends- both in life and on social- going through periods of crippling self doubt, comparison, endless barriers, self criticism and low moods. Listen- I am not immune to this- despite my effort to keep a constant stream of positivity on my feed- but something struck me yesterday and I felt compelled to communicate the following.

If you are chronically struggling, roller coastering, doubting your self, feeling stuck, introverted, depressed- please please PLEASE take a look at your life and check to see if there are people in your space doing or saying things to make you feel small, saying things to put you down- doing things to inhibit your growth and expansion.

Photo by Ruth Chapa

Having these types of people in your life will either crush you quickly, or lead to a slow painful death of doubting your self at every turn and being overwhelmed by mental trauma as you attempt to succeed. No matter what perceived benefit you feel you are gaining- I promise- detoxing from the negative influences in your life will jumpstart you on a path to happiness wellness and success.

Let face it- even in it’s infinite beauty- this universe is a tough place. On an actual physical level- it is in a constant state of extreme force and crushing decay. There will most certainly be change, failure, loss, heartbreak, death- it’s inevitable. Add to this mixture- the back breaking pressure of those who seek to upset you and to pull you down and you will never break free from the traps that exist.

You need teammates, you need cheerleaders, you need strong, determined beings with the ability to step into the remains of a disaster- crack a few tasteful jokes to lift spirits, throw down a few sincere and encouraging compliments- to build morale, and then get busy helping you get the show back on the road towards the future you seek to build.

The future is quite factually the only space you have to step into- but you will never get there in one piece if you refuse to release yourself from the destructive forces of negative people.

Yes- it can be hard to confront, it can be unpopular, it can seem quite convenient to keep negative people around. The toxic people in your life can even be hidden from view or masquerading as “helpers” doling out covertly critical advice designed to hold you down and minimize your ability. For your own physical and mental health- you must break free of these toxic people.

I want you to thrive. I want you to experience the thrill of making your dreams come true. I want you to have a chance to understand and experience the depths of your potential. So please- get the negative people out of your life and give the world the gift of what you can become when you are truly free.

Ruth Chapa Photography


Elisabeth Donaldson is an Actress, Model and Professional Creative living in Nashville, TN


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