Behind the Scenes: Perfect Dream

When Chris Hollo reached out to me about doing a fashion film together- I made him wait…    I was dying to turn the opportunity into something amazing- and was holding out on moving forward until I was struck with a concept that moved me.  Chris waited patiently while I sent him the occasional, “I haven’t forgotten about you!” email and then one day, while driving, it struck me… with my love for all things vintage, (I have always been a fan of retro aesthetic) my love for things falling apart and with all of the recent talk about our country moving back to the fifties- it would be a perfect time to explore the concept of a housewife on the verge.  After digging up some old advertisements suggesting that women be drugged into compliance- I reached out to my talented friend Lane DiBlasi and asked her if she could write me a poem for the film that was a “quite rage against the middle class…”  The next day she sent me a piece entitled: “Perfect Dream” and the project was born.

women's rights
“You can’t set her free…”

We were lucky enough to obtain a beautiful 1957 Chevrolet Belair, coupled with a perfect foggy morning, thrifted vintage wardrobe and a retro bathroom in East Nashville with yellow tile and a turquoise tub to die for…

As we drank coffee at 7a the morning of the shoot- the owner of the Chevrolet told us a personal story of a fifties wife stuck in an unhappy marriage and it struck me that the the story we were about to tell- was perhaps more familiar than I realized…

elisabeth Donaldson actress

Elisabeth Donaldson

Elisabeth Donaldson Actress

Short film Elisabeth Donaldson

Elisabeth Donaldson
“If I get downhearted I’ll put more lipstick on, I’ll practice being clean…”
Elisabeth Donaldson Perfect Dream
“Aren’t I your Perfect Dream?”
Short Film Cinematography
Film still

Elisabeth Donaldson

Elisabeth Donaldson Classic cars

All behind the scenes photos by Molly Lins

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