Under Construction: A Self Portrait Short Film

The other day I drove up the street looking to find a wall to shoot some stye shots for 365daysofthrift.com and found myself in front of an old gym that was being turned into a church. The people working there were very sweet and obliging to me using their walls outside to shoot. I walked a bit and heard an almost mystical construction noise coming from the inside seducing me inside, so- curious cat that I am, I followed this noise into the empty construction space. It was what I call a photographers dream, in its under construction state- so I started to wander around and take pictures. The head contractor (ruthcogroup.com) walked through and I told him I was an artist and asked if it would be okay for me to shoot a bit. Not only did he let me shoot as long as I wanted, he showed me the cool old hot tub in the back because he thought I’d like the way it looked (which I did). ♥️ I’ve been pondering the concept of Self Portrait short films for a bit- so I saw this as the perfect opportunity to have some fun creating.

In order to overcome the barrier of needing music rights for posting- necessity became the mother of invention and I created this weird cool tune with GarageBand.

I was able to create this project including music using nothing but my iPhone and myself ♥️ I hope all of you are inspired to use the tools you have to hand to create art and expression.


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