Project 104

When Chris Daniels asks if he can take your portrait- say yes.  Chris has become a dear friend over these past few years- and is the type of loving individual that I think many people say that about.  I have observed him to have a deep purpose in understanding others fully with no judgement and presenting the individual truths of us all as humans.  I have been a huge fan of his photographic skill since the first photo I ever laid eyes on.  I was lucky enough to participate in his yearlong exploration into humanity- Project 104.  I took him to my secret lake spot- which I found one day with a friend on a long walk where we ventured to find the water in out new neighborhood by walking off the side of the road and through the forrest.  I have been back to this place many times since and shot some of my most epic photos there.  This shoot was no different.  Chris and I experienced the treat of tracking through dark woods and watching the sun rise on the water.  Then we ate waffle house and had deep talks about the meaning of life.

I was lucky enough to be part of his recent addition of video footage for the project and I’m really intrigued by what we created.

See the full portrait session and interview by clicking on the photos below and PS: that blue thing on my finger- is a tiny little butterfly 🙂


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