Elisabeth Donaldson performs with Fine Artist: Christy Lee Rogers in Underwater short film for Phuong Dang Perfume

I have recently had the privilege of creating underwater art and film with photo visionary: Christy Lee Rogers.  This was a truly transcendent experience and I am very much looking forward to sharing more about the process with you all in the near future.


I am happy to announce that my performance is part of the underwater art film for new Perfume Line “Phuong Dang”.  Music by Beacon (they are amazing!!)  And also starring Mary Ellen Alexander,  Serennah Harding and Latesha Purdy.


This project is “a Film and lyrical expression of artist Phuong Dang’s intention with her new perfume line: to capture human emotion in liquid form.” The line was launched exclusively at Barneys New York in September 2016.

go to: http://www.phuongdang.com to see this beautiful project.


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