Unexpected Magic: My shoot with Antonio…


A few days ago Antonio Fajardo and I had planned to do a shoot in the rain- I had dressed in all black to match the gloom but happened to pull this dress- still in my car from my Monarch Couture fashion show over the weekend “just in case” we needed another option.

I am an avid fan of sunsets and as the sun started to peek through under the storm I thought that we might be blessed with a beautiful sunset- but sometimes cloudy days end in a wimper of grey- so I wasn’t sure.



The sunset started to bloom and it was just magical- the autumn tree tops lit on fire surrounded by a cotton candy sky… as the park alarms sounded for us to leave I grabbed the dress and said, “can we take a few with this?” I think it would match perfectly!”

We shot for five, then made our way out oohing and aahhing as the sky unfolded into the trees with the blanket of rust orange leaves softly lit up on the ground. I told Antonio how crazy it was that no one but us were getting this magical veiw right this very moment during one of the few most amazing sunsets I have seen.

As we drove out of the park and into this field, we both simultaneously without coordination pulled over to take pictures (him with his camera) me with my phone- because it was so breathtaking. He quickly pulled his light and placed it in the back of his truck saying, “stand there” he took two shots, this is one of them. I swear it’s a picture of my soul.


See Antonio’s side of the story Here

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